ROCC’s HR RECORDS business software solution provides an electronic records management system pre-configured for the requirements of a busy HR department or shared service centre for managing all types of personnel document content.  HR RECORDS secure access from any location from its centralised repository, but with strong audit and data compliance as standard.

Powerful search and retrieval are built-in to provide “findability” of both full-text and contextual employee content across a predefined range of typical HR document types. Content can be added via drag-and-drop directly, as well as bulk upload from scanned or native electronic files via integration with MS Office with simple data validation to ensure accuracy. 

A number of common HR tasks are available as workflow processes that are made easier by having the employee digital records held centrally. The Employee lifecycle from on-boarding to departure is also addressed to support adoption of best practices, allowing for status checking of key milestones, alerts for the presence or absence of key documents and events to further support legal compliance.

A fully customisable workflow tool is available to automate other key processes, as the standard solution evolves within the organisation to provide further opportunities to streamline otherwise repetitive HR tasks.


  • Worker processes in the Human Resources scope are controlled
  • Operations in the HR department become more transparent, secure, and faster
  • The load of burdensome routine activities is eased for employees
  • Confidence in handling sensitive HR information increases
  • Many error sources can be avoided
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance

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