Mailroom Automation solutions (Digital mailrooms) are engineered to automate not only traditional mailroom procedures, but also the entire information process. The digital mailroom provides a single point of entry for all incoming documents: scanned paper, fax, e-mail and everything else.

The digital mailroom software creates an image of the document (either from a scanned paper or an electronic source, such as e-mail), which the system can handle. When the information has been captured, the Mailroom Automation solution automatically recognises, classifies and distributes it to the right person or department.  Thereby, managing your entire document inflow and turning your complex inbound document sorting and distribution processes into high-performance, automated workflows.

The benefits with Mailroom Automation are obvious. You attain increased efficiency and lower operational costs because all documents are distributed correctly. A digital mailroom gives you control of your information flow since you get fast access to status reports and auditing trails. Smooth integration with back-end systems such as customer management, databases and archiving means accelerated business processes.


  • Accommodates decentralised scanning with centralised classifying and indexing
  • A fast ROI by reducing time and costs spent on manually sorting and distributing post
  • Improves service quality with faster response times
  • Boosts productivity with more efficient business processes
  • Easily adaptable to new or changing document types

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