Today, many organisations are becoming data-driven, and heavily reliant on the data that flows through their business. At ROCC, we want people to be able to access more from their data and unlock the solutions to possible future problems. This is all possible with ROCC Focus, our fully comprehensive business intelligence and predictive analytics software – and there is no need for technical involvement.

Our machine learning software enables organisations to understand why certain outcomes in the organisation are taking place and empowers staff to make informed decisions about the future of your customers. Our software uses a statistical programming language called ‘r’ to build the complex algorithms to make predictions that are easy to read and make decisions on. Not only does ROCC Focus enable non-technical users to have the data they need at their fingertips in real-time, but it takes it one step further to help predict future outcomes.

We understand the complexities of understanding artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics and we want to educate the market on how these technologies can help find hidden gems in your data and help resolve your organisation’s problems.

ROCC Focus is a machine learning analytics tool that enables organisations to understand what is likely to happen in the future using historic and real-time data which then enables them to make informed business decisions that will positively impact their customers.

Our software enables non-technical users to access their key reports and KPI’s in real-time, as well as enabling them to make changes and build their own reports from scratch over multiple data sources. Our technology is so easy to use that our customers can make their own predictive analytical models which address key issues – in minutes.



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