Organisations today are inundated with information - how it is handled, how it’s captured, processed and utilised makes a fundamental difference to the success of an enterprise. 

That’s where ROCC excels. ROCC help public, not-for-profit and commercial organisations to optimise the flow of data, improving efficiency and productivity. ROCC call this Business Process Automation (BPA) and have 30 years’ experience in helping thousands of UK organisations to get it right.

The ROCC approach is that of the independent expert, understanding how to look at business processes; to define where and how information needs to be collected, how it can best be managed and where it should be disseminated before being efficiently stored. ROCC also understands the available technology and how to evaluate its potential for a client’s specific needs. By bringing the two together ROCC can:

Improve efficiency by streamlining and automating processes

Integrate between key Business Applications

Provide Business Activity Monitoring and auditing capabilities

Manage and Automate resources to adhere to business policies and adherence to Compliance objectives, such as ISO, PCI etc…



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